Cookies Dual Chamber Vape

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Cookies Dual Chamber Vape

We’ve never seen a vape quite like this before. Reminiscent of retro ‘80s ballpoint pens with multiple buttons to switch tip colors, the Cookies Dual Chamber Vape switches between two different tanks at the touch of a button. As is the case with our BernieHana Butter and Tequila Sunrise disposable, Cookies usually try to balance the vibes of the two strains contained inside.

With its new, eco-friendly packaging, the STIIIZY disposable offers a fresh and improved experience right from the start. As long as proper handling techniques are employed, leaks are unlikely to be an issue, adding to the overall satisfaction of using this product.

If you’re unsure which THC vape pen or cartridge to purchase, let us do the heavy lifting of research for you. We can provide insights into the best products on the market, taking into account factors such as ingredient quality, smoothness of vapor, and battery performance. With our guidance, you can find a THC vape setup that suits your preferences and delivers a satisfying experience every time.


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